The @justblaze interview in Tape Op took an interesting turn. Screw microphones, I want to know more about which R&B hits have the same chord progressions as which Sega games.

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Rig rundown for Genie album no. 3 @thegenietheband

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Hello, Neumann

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This is it, folks. The Secret. Thank you Jon Brion.

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Mike Shipley - Mutt Lange’s right hand man. Look how casually he says there are no real drums on Def Leopard’s Pyromania. Later in the article he tells us all the drums AND bass on Hysteria were Fairlight samples and didn’t happen until mixing. It’s like finding out the tooth fairy doesn’t exist. Earth-shattering, but I’ve always suspected it to be the case.

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Warning: I’ve subscribed to Tape Op. There’ll be a lot of screenshots of the gold I find coming your way. Such as this juicy nugget from Dave Mattacks about Glyn Johns. It’s good to remember that musicians can make themselves sound good, it’s not totally up to the people pointing microphones at you. #tapeop

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Jerry was mentioned in a comment

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Omg he’s right!

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Two hours until soundcheck. I’m all set.

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The big lesson here is that drinking in the park at 9am is totally cool with the City of Yarra

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Hey @rollingstoneaus if you need someone to read the magazine and make sure the same cliche isn’t being used twice on one page, give me a call, I haven’t got much on at the moment.

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My slightly complicated setup for tonight’s @dannyross_music gig. “It’s not a tribute gig, it’s just some hectic c*%ts playing Radiohead songs.” - The Age

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It finally happened. Gold 104 are playing Push It now. Welcome to the future. Also, Instagram stopped me posting a video of this moment because it contained copyrighted material. Welcome to that future too.

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Our last Cat Empire gig for a while. It was nice to get a rainbow as part of the deal. #peninsulapicnic

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